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Bible Study 4-8-2020 (Loneliness) Work Sheet

LONELINESS Mark 15:33-41 Life of Jesus


  • At what time in your life have you felt most lonely?


  1. What unusual occurrence took place as Jesus was dying? (15:33)

  2. What did Jesus say "at the ninth hour"? (15:34)

  3. What do Jesus’ words at the ninth hour reveal about how He was feeling right before He died? (15:34)

  4. What did Jesus mean when He said that God had "forsaken" Him? (15:34)

  5. How did the bystanders misunderstand what Jesus was going through? (15:35)

  6. What offer of help did Jesus receive? (15:36)

  7. What does the fact that Jesus twice cried out in a loud voice tell us about the way He died? (15:34, 37)

  8. What happened right after Jesus’ death? (15:38)

  9. How did the centurion react to Jesus’ crucifixion and death? (15:39)

  10. What caused the centurion to believe in Jesus? (15:39)

  11. Who watched Christ’s crucifixion from a distance? Why? (15:40-41)


  1. Why do you think Pilate had the notice placed on the cross

  2. What do you think motivated one man to offer Jesus a drink of wine vinegar?

  3. What does it mean that the curtain of the temple tore and what did it symbolize?

  4. What did Jesus’ words on the cross mean?

  5. What kind of isolation did Jesus experience in His death on the cross?

  6. What sort of humiliation did Jesus suffer

  7. How can we draw encouragement from the loneliness Jesus endured?

  8. In what way can following Christ or doing what God wants be a lonely experience?

  9. How does it make you feel to know that Christ endured such intense suffering for your salvation?

  10. What significance is there for you in the fact that a Roman soldier recognized the great truth that even the religious leaders could not see?

  11. In what way is every person indebted to Christ?


  • What can you do as a reminder of what Christ did for you?

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