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Bible Study 4-15-2020 (Empty Tomb) Work Sheet

After The Cross - pt. 1 Matthew 28:1-10 (cf. John 20:1-9)


  • In your opinion, what is the most significant event in history?

  • If you could go back in time and witness any historical event, which one would you choose? Why?


  1. When did the events of this passage occur? (28:1)

  2. Who went to Jesus’ tomb? (28:1)\

  3. What significant events took place that morning? (28:2)

  4. Where did the angel go, and what did he do? (28:2)

  5. What did the angel look like? (28:3)

  6. What effect did the angel have on the guards at the tomb of Jesus? (28:4)

  7. What amazing news did the angel announce to the women at the tomb? (28:5-6)

  8. What invitation did the angel give the women? (28:6)

  9. What command did the angel give Mary Magdalene and "the other Mary"? (28:7)

  10. How did the women feel as they left the tomb? (28:8)

  11. What kind of meeting took place as the women were going to tell the disciples about Jesus? (28:9)

  12. How did the women respond when Jesus met them? (28:9)

  13. What words of challenge and comfort did the women receive? (28:10)


  1. If you could mentally place yourself at the tomb of Christ on that first "Easter morning," what emotions would you be feeling?

  2. Why is the Resurrection important to us as Christians?

  3. What attitude should we have in light of the fact of Jesus’ resurrection?

  4. How might you answer a skeptic who argued that Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead?

  5. Why should we be interested and motivated to tell others about this amazing historical fact?

  6. How does Jesus’ warm, loving attitude—even toward the disciples who deserted him—give you comfort?


  • In what practical and realistic ways can you become more effective this week in spreading the good news about Christ?

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