The Church Leaders


Our Pastor

Since 2006, Pastor Tim Clark has been leading Bethel Weslyan Church, by example. We are grateful  for his wife, Jan and two daughters, Maci and Molli.  They have been a welcomed addition to the church family and surrounding community.

Seniors Pastor

Pastor Bob Allred , a retired pastor of the Wesleyan Church, came back to Bethel Wesleyan and has lead the M&M Ministry of the church elders. We appreciate all of his teaching. Along with his wife Pat they are welcome leaders of our church family.


director of music

Steve Carson is the newest member of the Bethel Wesleyan Staff as Director of Music.  He has been a welcomed addition to our morning worship by leading the choir and congregation each Sunday.  Steve has brought many special guest performers to the church. We have been blessed to add Steve and his wife Mary to our church family.


Past Pastors


Bethel History

Members through the Years

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1st Couple

Jimmie Gail Duncan
and Douglas Shipman

The 1st couple married in the
new church


Photo by Wilbur Groce, Pastor

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Bethel Wesleyan Church was established on November 22, 1922 under the leadership of Rev. E.W. Black. The church began with eight charter members: Willie Capps, Ella Capps, Vanena Capps Kilpatrick, Mr. & Mrs. S.M. McCall, Volley Corn, Katie Duncan Corn and Mrs. M.M. Duncan.

We thank God for the leadership, prayers and giving of faithful church members, pastors and friends of Bethel Wesleyan Church that have made it possible for the church to become what it is today!


• In 2021, under the direction of Pastor Clark, the sanctuary was updated with same level restroom and upgraded sound room and equipment.


Upon completion of the sanctuary renovation, construction was begun on the new Family Life Center which was dedicated to Brisco and Jeanette Anders in December, 1999.


Moultrie H. Smythe donated land for a new sanctuary in 1957, which was built when Rev. Wilbur Groce was pastor.


In March 2020, services started streaming live on YouTube.


In 1997, under the direction of Rev. Tom Smith, the church sanctuary was updated including an addition of a choir loft and enlarging the stage and pulpit area.


Under the leadership of Pastor L.A. Harvey, the parsonage was renovated and Sunday School classrooms were added to the original building.


In 2019, Bethel Wesleyan purchased land behind Church, That expands the church property over 3 archers and give Bethel Wesleyan room to expand in the future.


Rev. Marlin Mull led the construction of a new parsonage in 1970.


The school property consisting of two acres was purchased in 1933.


The Family Life Center was paid off in December of 2008.


In 1964, under direction of Rev. Roy Nanney, the building was brick veneered and the two buildings were connected with a passageway.


The property for the church building was donated in 1926 James Adger Smyth, and a frame building erected.


Family Life Center

Guidelines for FLC Use

We enjoy having the Family Life Center available for the members of the church. When the church is not having a dinner or special event we allow them to reserve use of Family Life Center.

Request Reservation

Please fill out the form below to request a date for an event you would like to reserve for the FLC. You will be contacted to let you know if the FLC is available or not.

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