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Pastor Pals/ Children's Ministrry

Teaching the young children of Bethel Wesleyan church is a personal goal of Pastor Tim. He knows  that children of the church are future members and wants them to keep coming back during their teen and adult years..

Tim Guides the Children to grow with Jesus and know that their church is there to help them. He encourages the children to  show the love they share with Jesus, by example and to help their friends know the love of God in giving his only son to give us  all his love in growing with Him.


Youth Ministry
6th to 12th Grade

Learning about the love of Jesus at a young age can really shape a growing life. Bethel Wesleyan feels passionate about teaching young adults the truth of God’s word and want them to understand what they believe and why they believe it.

Without good guidance, youth today has so many possibilities for to make poor choices. At Bethel we feel it is important to teach a love of God’s word. If they know God's love through his word and know how to apply it to their lives, they will be able to make positive choices.


Our youth group our goal is to keep our young adults in church and active at Bethel Wesleyan. It is extremely important that we help them cultivate a solid relationship with God and his word.

Our youth group has classes Wednesday nights and Sunday school classes on Sunday Mornings before church. While the time we spend learning about God is important, we also enjoy having fun with our youth as well. We have games and help with activities with the kids program.


Young Adults Ministry

Our young adult's ministry meets monthly for an outing. The focus is on building relationships among those who may not get to know each other during normal church activities. We see the importance of having Goldy friendships in and outside of the church.

In Mark 2 God heals a paralyzed man because of his friends faith. It matters who we associate with. We are also very blessed to have volunteers who provide child care during activities.