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We love our Kids!!

Our Kids and Youth Ministry understands the importance of ministering to the children and youth of our church. We provide a variety of programs, Sunday schools, and activities aimed at nurturing their knowledge and faith in Christian beliefs. Every Sunday, the joy of our children is evident during our Pastor Pals moment in the service, as they experience the impact of having Jesus in their lives. Here are a few reflections from the kids in our church:

  1. Biblical Foundation: The Bible emphasizes the importance of children and their role in the community of faith. Jesus himself welcomed children and taught that the Kingdom of God belongs to them (Matthew 19:14), highlighting their significance in the eyes of God.

  2. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation: Children are seen as vital participants in the process of discipleship and spiritual formation within the Wesleyan tradition. By nurturing children in the teachings of Jesus and providing opportunities for spiritual growth, the Wesleyan Church aims to equip them to become faithful followers of Christ.

  3. Stewardship of Gifts and Talents: Children are recognized as valuable members of the church community, endowed with unique gifts, talents, and perspectives. Encouraging children to explore and develop their God-given abilities fosters a sense of belonging and empowers them to contribute meaningfully to the life of the church both now and in the future.

  4. Continuation of Wesleyan Heritage: Embracing and nurturing children ensures the continuation of the Wesleyan heritage and tradition. By passing on the core values, beliefs, and practices of the Wesleyan Church to the younger generation, the church ensures its ongoing vitality and relevance in an ever-changing world.

  5. Mission and Evangelism: Children play a crucial role in the mission and evangelistic outreach of the church. Investing in children's ministries, outreach programs, and educational initiatives not only nurtures their faith but also provides opportunities to reach families and communities with the message of God's love and salvation.

  6. Hope for the Future: Viewing children as the future of the Wesleyan Church reflects a hopeful outlook and a commitment to building a vibrant and thriving faith community for generations to come. Investing in children's spiritual growth and well-being is an investment in the future of the church and its impact on society.

Overall, recognizing children as the future of Bethel Wesleyan Church underscores the importance of nurturing their faith, empowering their gifts, and inviting them into active participation in the life and mission of the church, guided by the principles of love, grace, and discipleship.

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