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Puzzle from Bob - Crossword

Updated: Apr 10


2. Mother of John the Baptist 4. Man, whom Jesus raised from the dead 7. The earthly father of Jesus 10. Short tax collector 11. Tax collector who wrote became a disciple 12. Temple prophetess 14. He found no guilt in Jesus yet sentenced him to death 17. Father of John the Baptist 19. Doctor and New Testament writer 21. The disciple who was also called Peter 22. Betrayer of Jesus (2 words) 23. Blind beggar healed by Jesus 24. The Way, the Truth, and the Life


1. The mother of Jesus 3. Father of disciples James and John 5. Peter's brother 6. The forerunner of Jesus (3 words) 8. The tempter 9. Man who issued decree for census (2 words) 13. He asked, "How can a man be born again?" 14. The disciple who called Nathanael to follow Jesus 15. Writer of the second gospel 16. Mary's very busy sister 18. He had John the Baptist beheaded 20. Official whose daughter was healed by Jesus

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