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A message from The Wesleyan Church on coronavirus

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, The Wesleyan Church encourages all members to implement personal and local church safety precautions as recommended by the CDC.


Due to the elevated Center for Disease Control coronavirus warnings, churches and faith-based organizations are urged to heighten their monitoring of and responses to the spread of the virus. The Wesleyan Church (TWC) encourages all members to implement personal and local church safety precautions as recommended by the CDC.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, TWC partner and insurance provider, recommends these resources to assist Wesleyan Church leaders with congregational and community care throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Individual questions can be addressed to Legal Assist or their agent. Additional resources can be found here and here.

Some additional suggestions from Brotherhood Mutual include offering online sermons to ensure congregational worship, setting up conference calls for leadership and member care and implementing e-pay for offering collection.

Carefully assess the need for physical contact with seniors and persons with health conditions most at risk to the virus while considering how to offer care and support.

TWC Headquarters staff, while monitoring the coronavirus outbreak on a daily basis, is finalizing a response action plan for personnel and services. The General Conference 2020 leadership team is also finalizing development of contingency plans for GC20 in the event a national emergency or statewide emergency in Missouri is declared.

Global Partners (GP) has already been impacted by the coronavirus. One global meeting has been canceled and others are being evaluated. A few missionaries close to the points of initial outbreak have been evacuated.

Read a personal perspective from a quarantined member of the GP team.Updates will be issued on this page and via social media as necessary.Please pray for all persons impacted by the virus and let us continue to be people of hope.

Read The Wesleyan Church’s statement regarding General Conference 2020 and the coronavirus.

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